Cyber Academy for Kids through Empowerment

CAKE - Cyber Academy for Kids through Empowerment - Founded by two industry professionals in the field of cybersecurity and information technology is teaching elementary, middle and high school students the fundamentals of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity education must start with our younger generation. Every day new applications, devices, and social media sites are created and released. It is nearly impossible for the average parent, student, or educator to keep up with security threats that are seen in the media daily. CAKE provides a basic foundation of cybersecurity covering topics of basic network commands, protocols used in daily life, how devices communicate with each other on the network and how the younger generation can be aware of some of the dangers when using the internet and protect themselves.

Technology and a digitally connected world will play an important role in their lives from childhood into adulthood. These early years are a chance for them to develop the skills that they need to stay safe online. The ideal approach is to educate and empower the students so that they learn how to keep themselves safe.

CAKE sessions include talks by industry leaders on cybersecurity in their professional field and how the next generation can help towards protecting from the growing threats and vulnerabilities.

CAKE emphasizes in each class to it's students that what is learned must be used to protect and NOT do any harm to others.

Enrollment: We are in the process of re-designing our curriculum and will open up for enrollment soon. Stay tuned.