We are happy to mention the below industry leaders as advisors to help steer our initiative.

Faye Francy, Executive Director - Auto-ISAC

Faye Francy serves the global automotive industry through the analysis and sharing of trusted and timely cyber threat information about existing or potential cyber-related threats and vulnerabilities for on-road vehicle electronics and associated networks.

Faye has been actively engaged with private-sector stakeholders, partners and government agencies to facilitate information sharing and strengthen the industry's capability and capacity to detect, prevent, respond to, and mitigate disruptions related to the connected vehicle and supporting infrastructure. 

Faye’s responsibilities include developing, maintaining and executing a Strategic Plan that outlines strategic and operational priorities for the automotive industry. Faye has built and maintained key relationships with CIOs, CISOs, Product Development leadership, and other executives across the automotive industry responsible for securing vehicles and connected infrastructure. 

Previously Faye was the Aviation ISAC Executive Director.  She held numerous leadership positions at Boeing, including Cyber ONE Leader, Director Enterprise Technologies, Phantom Works and Air Traffic Management. 

The Auto-ISAC is a non-profit organization operating in Washington, D.C.

Andrew Wartell, CEO - Wartell Consulting

Andrew Wartell is CEO of Wartell Consulting, LLC providing advice and guidance to public and private organizations in the areas of Security Analysis, Technology and Operations. 

He has provided Physical Security and Explosives Mitigation expertise to DOD/Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office and other government agencies. Mr. Wartell also sits on the Boards of The Foundation for Safer Schools, dedicated to provide funding for schools for training staff and hardening facilities to mitigate active shooter incidents.

Andrew Wartell has over 39 years in the Intelligence and Security Community. He has managed both defensive and positive operations activities with concentration on protecting assets in the overseas environment. He was the Intelligence Community expert on risk assessment and risk management in facility physical and technical security and currently represents industry in many government forums.

Mr. Wartell retired from the Central Intelligence Agency in 2002. His final assignment was as Associate Director of the DCI/Center for Security Evaluation where he managed the DCI’s physical, technical and counterintelligence security oversight of diplomatic construction, worldwide – to include the US embassies in Moscow and Beijing. He was the Intelligence Community expert on the risk of surreptitious entry and had oversight of the US Government technical and HUMINT threat assessment process.

Mr. Wartell spent four years as Vice President of Global Security and Director of Special Projects at Goldman Sachs where he provided facility physical and technical security design including the new $2.1 billion Goldman Sachs headquarters building in NYC; data centers in the US, Hong Kong, India and UK; and site selection and risk assessments for facilities worldwide.